Welcome to Forge Creative, the production and design studio of Jonathan Herndon. There’s not much to the site, some contact information, a few samples, and a bit about how and what I do.

Because what I do is not really about me.

A little about me

My approach is about solutions
more than anything else.

Great art and great problem solving both require great creativity. And while both may be beautiful, solutions are about the you—the client, taking your core message to your audience as efficiently and effectively as possible.

By taking advantage of well tested, wide ranging
skills, templates, code and techniques, I can help
your organization update and upgrade your brand
on a budget that scales.

Freelance Services

  • Web-design & development, including WordPress
  • Email marketing development & management
  • Logo & Identities
  • Print design and production
  • Image editing & retouching


Some samples, including web, print and logo design, as well as some image editing.

WordPress-based design & development. WordPress-based design & development. WordPress-based design & development. WordPress-based design & development. Single page microsite for small client.Single Page Micr0site Cross platform, HTML-based email design & development. Cross platform, HTML-based email design & development. ResortQuest promotional brochure. Shorr Planning promotional brochure. Sample covers & spread from METRO. Retouch and Composition work. Logos & identity holisitc pharmacy. A Boston-based financial service firm.Logo & Identities A Maryland-based health service firm. A Maryland-based health services group.Logo & Identities A Maryland-based secure-messaging service. A management consulting firm. Work for a holistic supplement producer.Logo & Identities


Not much more about me to say.

I'm not terribly good at self-promotion.

You may have picked up on that by now. And I'm not good with surprises either. But I'm good with a budget, and deadlines, and bringing a project to finish. I've got years of experience doing that for clients large and small (mostly small if I'm honest).

Use the form here to give me shout, and I'll get in touch with you as soon as I can.
Let's build something together.

Drop me a line at jonathan(atmark)42seventeen(dot)net.

Thanks for stopping by.




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